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Kieran & Jason "Stinging" The crowd

Standing room only
Chew Crazy Loco-Juan Sanchez

Kathleen, Kathi, Claudia, Valerie, and  Terese from Ecuador

Joe and friends arrive from the North side to see how we do it on the south side.

Kieran is presented with a photo of his name in lights...Las Vegas baby!

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August 2008

Tami's group at Shannons Landing end of March 07

Great crowds at "Shannons Landing ", the last two weeks of March 2007. They hired Buses, and came in groups of 30 and 40. what a compliment and a pleasure.
Thank you.!

What a party! Jeff Fisher of Mako Metals , hosts a pre "Jimmy Buffett party at Olympia Fields cc. Kieran performed... what a blast!

The red tag event in Dubuque , Iowa

Kieran claims to have the best and nicest fans in the world. If you don't believe it come and see for your self and maybe meet new friends. There is always a big and happy group of friends where ever and when ever he plays.
check the crowd photos below !

Kieran  entertains over 300 golfers at their annual Silver lakes cc. outing. Oct3 2007

"Bill Murray" and friends  celebrate his birthday with Kieran at Northwoods , in Homewood, OCT 6.

Thank you all for a great month at 'Northwoods"!
Kieran Performs for Mayor Daley and Top Senators and Governors from around the country at the Mid America  CC on the 80th floor of the Aon building in Chicago.
In Case you were wondering what Kieran Does, while not performing at the pubs and clubs, He is out performing at a lot of private functions , such as retirement parties , weddings, back yard  events, and even events for Chicago's Elite, and also Chicago's Seniors.
 Check the photos below
 If you would like to Invite Kieran to perform a party for you, call him 269-469-4070 or email him through this web site. He would love to....
'You missed it"

Farenheit Bar and grill, Thursday,Dec 13 2007.  Over 300 people show up to party with Kieran

 The 'pit bull' making sure
I get off the stage At 1.00am!

Kieran  rockin the house the last time he was at Coyote run's Northwoods restaurant.

The Late Phyllis Nester's Family with Kieran at Gaelic Park, Jan 6 th 08

Tom and DeLynn, with friends from Ireland  Tommy and Annia on the left .

March 2008