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"Thanks Again!  Everything went perfectly.  You absolutely killed the audience and they've never laughed so hard!"
                                                  Joe " Cat Rental Power "

Town of Cedar Lake...
" What can I say?  You have captivated another audience with your talent, charm and wit.  Just a few comments that were shared by the associates...."My stomach hurt from laughing..."  "I slept all night for the first time in 3 years, I was so tired just from laughing!..."Kieran is fantastic!"...."He is so funny and "WOW" can he sing!!"  There are many comments about this being the best Christmas party that the town has had....ever!  I know this party will be talked about for many moons to come!  Thanks again Kieran, you are the BEST!!"

Eagle Ridge Inn & Resort, Galena...
"I wanted to send a very special Thank You for your terrific performance for the Mechanical Contractors Association of Iowa Convention at Eagle Ridge.  Your shows for various groups at Eagle Ridge are always entertaining, humorous and original.  We look forward to your return!"
                  Kim Furlong

Maquoketa Country Club, Iowa...
"We recently attended your show in Maquoketa and absolutely LOVED you!  We really enjoyed ourselves and will look for your next performance!  Thank you for a fun time.  You were so hilarious and so talented with your singing, what a beautiful voice!  We drove over from Illinois and enjoyed it so much!"
Patty &Tom

Michigan Thyme Cafe, New Buffalo...
"Kieran not only lived up to our expectations, but far exceeded them.  We had a mixture of staff, customers and vendors.  EVERYONE had a great time.  We were the talk of the town.  His music is perfect for dancing.  his sense of humor is contagious.  He quickly turned what could have been a staid affair into a group of people having fun together.  Although it is a very disparate group, at the end of the evening the members were asking him to work the February Dinner Dance.  Can there be any better recommendation?"
                     Janet Oberweis Clark

New Buffalo Business Association, New Buffalo...
"Our members enjoyed an evening of great entertainment with the outrageously funny and musically talented Irish comic Kieran Conway who played sing-alongs and great dance music and had the crowd convulsed with laughter."

Silver Lake Country Club, Orland Park...
"For the fantastic shows you have put on for the Silver Lake Country Club...since Kieran was added in 1995 as the entertainment, not only do we sell out all 325 spots, but we do it within 30 minutes of opening the doors at 6am.  The ladies even start lining up around the clubhouse at 4am.  This is truly not only a sign that we run a great event, but that we have the best entertainer for the job!  Before Kieran we tried numerous entertainment...no one before Kieran has had all 325 ladies up and dancing and acting like teenagers at a rock concert.  He has made it difficult to pass out all the great prizes at the end of the night, as he is a tough act to follow!  As the Chairman of the event, I would never think of running this event without Kieran.  Kieran also entertains for private parties at Silver Lake and from what we see and hear, he has the same great effect on those events also!"
   Head PGA Golf Pro:
Gregg Tengerstrom

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Kieran on stage at "The Mirage " in Las Vegas February 2005

Siegfried and who?

Wayne , one of the best 'harp' players in the chicagoland area , sits in with Kieran for a few tunes!