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Photographs at Kieran's Performances

"Security" Help Me! She's not leaving until she hears " Singing in the rain"!

"I can't believe "He fell for my crap!"
Amazing what a few cocktails will do?Thanks Joe.

Large crowds show up for "Kieran" in concert evening, in down town Tinley Park, Illinois, in September 2005

End of season party for "Jabays Landscaping" at CD & ME,in Frankfort , Illinois.

Kieran  in Palos Park, Illinois October 2005

Well Known "Elvis" impersonator "Dave Carlson"
jumps up to perform with Kieran.

After a succesful trip to Atlanta, Georgia, To perform for "Caterpillar "   Joe Fiorito from Caterpillar comes to "Shannons landing" to discuss a Las Vegas booking                     '

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Kieran met Lorraine about 15 years ago, and after many years apart they later met up again. About six years ago, they started dating mainly in Michigan, and developed a passion for boating and spent much time cruising the Michigan Shoreline.
A few years later they cruised from Chicago to Mackinack Island on Lake Huron. They became engaged there on the Island, so it was only fitting , that in October 2004 , during the Fall colors , they returned to the Island and got married at a very romantic setting at the "Mission Point Resort"
 Lorraine is from Donegal , Ireland, and still talks with a heavy brogue, and to this day Kieran cannot understand her.[ joking]
Kieran flew back to Ireland to visit Lorraine on Vacation there, and he fell in love with the Donegal area and her family, that live today as they did many years ago. The area has not changed , and that's the beauty of it.
 Her parents Connie and Eileen run a small sheep farm, up in the mountains that over look the Atlantic ocean. Her father still goes to the "Bog" every day to cut the "Peet" soil rich in minerals and used to heat the house all year round. A tradition slowly disappearing due to the increase of using oil as a heat source.
The rest of Lorraine's siblings live in Donegal , One sister in New Lenox, IL, USA, and a brother in England.
She occasionally can be seen sitting quitely at the back of one of Kieran's shows. She's a sweetheart and once you have met her you can see why Kieran fell in love with her.
She works as a medical office assistant for  prominent heart specialists Dr. Jere Hines, and Dr. G.William Cotts, in Illinois

Lorraine Conway

Lorraine shopping at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas in February 2005

Kieran and great friend Welshman "Ken Lewis" from England sing a few old rugby songs they used to sing years ago on "Radio Cardiff"

Kieran and his good friend "Charlie Crawford" who came up to Kieran after a show , 18 years ago and asked if he needed any help packing up all the equipment. He did so and has never since missed a night. A very generous friend and would do anything to help anyone in need. He is a true treasure. Thank you Charlie.  

Long time friends Ron & Bev Lullo fly to Vegas to suprise Kieran and Lorraine to be at the show. Now that's a fan! or "nuts"

Gwebarra Bay bridge at the bottom of their property.