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Everybody's been calling to thank me for such a fun evening and have been saying:
"absolutely Hysterical"
"what a riot"
"I just love him"
"boy, can he sing"
"he's adorable"
"why do my cheeks hurt"
"where'd ya find this guy"
"is he married?"
"he's Irish, I love it"
"he has an incredible voice"
"I'm still cracking up"
"did he ever pee?"
So...as you can see, you were a big hit!  I know they were a quieter group and that made it all the more difficult for you...but I have pictures with faces of a lot of hysterical people!!!  Thank You again Kieran...you are incredible!


I don't know where to begin to tell you what a wonderful evening I had at the anniversary party.  Let me start by saying how very grateful I am that I was convinced to come...I needed to laugh and you were just the guy to make me!!  I just wanted to personally say Thank You, I realize you can't possibly know how much your show lifted my spirits.  I'll be checking your schedule and hope to see you in the very near future!

Kieran:  You were terrific Saturday....it was a lot of fun!  Stay in touch and put me on your mailing list

Kieran:  Your music can lift spirits in two minutes flat.  Your smile can heal a broken heart in less time than that.  You put passion and magic into each song you sing... with your whole heart and soul.  Never stop...the world needs more people like you!

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I was there on Friday night & had a great time - it's impossible to go home and not be smiling after such a great performance as always!  

Maureen Holtz

Hi Kieran..............
Kathy King from all Saints here.   Thanks for a great show Sunday night........ I laughed my ass off,  and boy I needed that!!!  Great to see you again and look forward to hearing from you and find out where you will be performing in CONCERT in the future :)  Don't forget to tell the in-laws (?)  to order from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria  on Laraway Rd in New Lenox.  Thanks.